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03. Bar Consulting & Legal

Bar Consulting & Legal

We have on staff a legal team ready to assist you in defending PLCB citations , handling liquor license renewals and non-renewals, assisting in obtaining and renewing business licenses, and providing a wide array of legal services unique to the hospitality industry. We also have bar consultants on staff who can help you with marketing, security and video surveillance, POS systems, ID scanners, employee theft, wage and hour issues, and more.  We can be the cure for your ailing bar.

 32 Years of Experience

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William B. Morrin, Esquire is an attorney with 32 years of experience in representing PLCB-licensed clients.  He is the General Counsel for Bar Doctors, Inc.  Bill personally trains all of our Bar Doctors on all aspects of PLCB laws, licensing, sales, purchasing and transfers, to insure that all aspects of our business operations are in compliance with the ever-changing liquor laws.  Bill is a graduate of LaSalle University, where he received his B.A in Criminal Justice, maxima cum laude, in 1983.  He received his law degree from Temple University School of Law in 1986.  He has spent the last 32 years representing liquor licensees throughout Pennsylvania, including restaurant (R) licensees, beer/deli (E) licensees, hotel (H) licensees, club (C) licensees, catering club (CC) licensees, beer distributorship (D) licenses, public venue (PV) licensees, and many more.

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