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License Brokerage

Selling your liquor license?  Looking to buy one?  We buy and sell liquor licenses throughout Pennsylvania, including Restaurant Liquor (R) licenses, Eating Place Retail Dispenser (or beer only) licenses, Distributor (D) licenses, Hotel (H) licenses, Club (C) licenses, Catering Club (CC) Licenses, Public Venue (PV) licenses and many others. We are actively involved in the PLCB auctions and other auctions of liquor licenses.  We are actively involved in the new Wine  Permits, Off Premises Catering, and all other aspects of the new liquor law changes.

Bar Consulting & Legal

We have on staff a legal team ready to assist you in defending PLCB citations , handling liquor license renewals and non-renewals, assisting in obtaining and renewing business licenses, and providing a wide array of legal services unique to the hospitality industry. We also have bar consultants on staff who can help you with marketing, security and video surveillance, POS systems, ID scanners, employee theft, wage and hour issues, and more. 
We can be the cure for your ailing bar.

Buying & Selling

When you are looking to buy a bar, restaurant, nightclub or other business, or if you are looking to sell your existing establishment, we are your one-stop resource. We handle all aspects of the transaction, from finding a buyer or seller, to referring you to a qualified attorney to handling the legal elements of the deal, to walking you through to settlement.  We have licensed real estate agents, brokers , CPA's and attorneys to serve you.  One of our exciting new services is that if you sign up with us as your broker, we will cover your legal services for FREE.


If you need to finance the purchase of a bar, restaurant or other business, we can place you with lenders who can help.  We have long-standing relationships with small to medium sized lenders, with loans ranging from $10,000 to $1 million. Our relationships with these lenders help to keep the interest rates and loan fees as low as possible. 

Contact us for current rates and terms.

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