Meet The Team


Meet the CEO/CFO of Bar Doctors, Inc.

Elizabeth Morrin

Elizabeth Y. Morrin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Bar Doctors, Inc.  She also runs her husband, William’s legal practice. In addition to her extraordinary management and financial skills, Liz has over 16 years of experience in handling PLCB license applications and renewals, and dealing with various representatives of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry and the City of Philadelphia.


Meet Our Consultant

David Cohen

David Cohen has been reinventing the Philadelphia nightlife and hospitality market for over 20 years.​

With beginnings that stretch back to his first restaurant in 1980 (Sannas), David quickly progressed from F&B hospitality and proceeded to develop and launch some of the most successful venues Philadelphia has ever experienced. 


Cohen’s flagship clubs such as Revival and Evolution are still famous locally... with Philly’s modern day entrepreneurs borrowing bits and pieces of their successful elements to this day. 


Meet Your General Counsel

William B. Morrin

William B. Morrin, Esquire is an attorney with 32 years of experience in representing PLCB-licensed clients.  Bill personally trains all of our Bar Doctors on all aspects of PLCB laws, licensing, sales, purchasing and transfers, to insure that all aspects of our business operations are in compliance with the ever-changing liquor laws.  Bill is a graduate of LaSalle University, where he received his B.A in Criminal Justice, maxima cum laude, in 1983.  He received his law degree from Temple University School of Law in 1986.  He has spent the last 32 years representing liquor licensees throughout Pennsylvania


Meet Our Consultant

Eric Arnold

Eric Arnold is the owner of The Liquor License Company, LLC., and he has been involved in the liquor license business throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania for almost 20 years. Eric is a proud member of the Nationally recognized NALCP, and works with all of the major national restaurant chains to obtain licensing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  He is also the Regional Director for the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association, where he works to serve the needs of the alcohol industry throughout the State of New Jersey. He is also a member of the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association and a member of the Pennsylvania Tavern Association. 


Meet Your Broker

Matthew Titus

Matthew Titus has been in the hospitality and real estate development business for over 40 years.  He has owned or managed more than 10 bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Aside from his extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry, he has intimate relationships with a variety of lenders, including private lenders, banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, vendors and SBA loans.   His business connections help buyers and sellers find opportunities from a large available pool.  He is highly successful in putting deals together-- the consummate "match-maker." 


Meet Our Consultant

Anthony Yula

Tony Yula is the President of Apple Vending Company.  Apple Vending has been servicing the tri-state area since 1957.  They provide vending machines (digital music, ATM machines, table-top machines, video machines, pool tables, skill games, etc.) and various other coin-operated or monetary machines for the bar, restaurant and nightclub industry.  They have the most exciting and innovative entertainment machines in the industry.  Let them make your establishment stand out and provide your customers with all that is new and cutting edge.  They also provide very reasonable loans to existing licensees and buyers looking to open a new business. 


Joseph J. Morrin
In Memoriam
January 10, 1957 - February 19, 2021