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01. License Brokerage

Selling your liquor license?  Looking to buy one?  We buy and sell liquor licenses throughout Pennsylvania, including Restaurant Liquor (R) licenses, Eating Place Retail Dispenser (or beer only) licenses, Distributor (D) licenses, Hotel (H) licenses, Club (C) licenses, Catering Club (CC) Licenses, Public Venue (PV) licenses and many others. We are actively involved in the PLCB auctions and other auctions of liquor licenses.  We are actively involved in the new Wine  Permits, Off Premises Catering, and all other aspects of the new liquor law changes.

New to Bar Doctors® ?

Get a Free Appraisal

If you sign up with us to sell your bar or other business, we will include your legal services for FREE. No need to hire a lawyer. We will represent you as legal consult during the course of the transaction!

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